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As organizations grow, they become harder to manage. Sera helps you turn your data silos into meaningful insights. Because who doesn’t like more accountability and better oversight?

Standard KPIs and Reporting
Streamlined communication
Stop asking your staff for information. Sera helps you automate tedious data collection and keeps everyone on the same page.
Better oversight
Ever wonder how your team is really performing? Sera helps you track the performance of your staff and monitor the efficiency of your production, end-to-end.
Standardized reporting
Start using the same language and avoid the excel jungle. Afterall, who doesn’t hate drudging through 50 spreadsheets to answer a question?

How we can help

Data reconciliation
Don't let your data get lost in isolated systems. Sera helps you keep your information in sync and ensures that data across your operation is seamlessly harmonized and unified.
Standardized KPIs
You can’t improve something unless you measure it. Sera gives you a robust set of growing KPIs (and even lets you define your own) so that you can start improving with each cycle.
Automated reporting
Leave the hassle of manual reporting behind. Sera helps you effortlessly generate and receive detailed reports on your greenhouse operations so you can spend your time where it counts - making decisions.
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