Unlock the potential of your greenhouse

Our Growing Operations Platform combines data analytics, remote expertise, and operational tools to ensure that your commercial greenhouse is managed effectively, monitored continuously, and relentlessly improved - all at scale.

We've helped large greenhouses all over the world scale their operations

Connect systems
Simplify the mess of siloed data and disconnected systems. It's time to see everything in a glance.
Centralise expertise
Bring consistency and reliability to your growing team. Let's face it, one grower for one variety in one compartment has never been the end game.
Simplify operations
Start planning, tracking, and executing all in once place. Bring method to the madness.

Growing Operations at your fingertips

Formalise cultivation strategies and production plans
Structured and well defined planning is a crucial ingredient in achieving results consistently across site, crop cycle, and even variety. SERA helps you not only put a great plan in place, we help you analyse it and reuse it.
Formalise your planning
Execute strategies and track performance
Tailored execution plans help you make an abstract strategy concrete. Combine this with tracking, alerting, and continuous reporting and you'll never be out of the loop again.
Execute with digital support
Diagnose issues and improve cultivation
Diagnostic reports, strategy optimisations and root cause analyses help you pinpoint exactly where and what you're doing well (and not so well). Because we believe that continuous improvement is the difference between success and failure.
Evaluate and improve cultivation
Platform Overview
Get your historic crop cycles evaluated for free
Ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of your crop?
SERA can help you identify missed production and opportunities for improvement
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What customers are saying
“SERA really pushed together with me to find answers. I am happy to say that through their complete analysis, we managed to improve the yield substantially. And the quality of our crop improved as well. It helped me get another retail contract. I am very excited to have the SERA team on my side.”
Robert Muntean
Owner, Valentino Land
10%+ YoY
Improved yield