Optimise Energy Consumption

Save energy and reduce costs

We all want great cultivation but none of us want it to cost us an arm and a leg. That’s why Sera helps you fine-tune your climate computer configurations to minimize energy consumption and maximize yield

Energy Optimization
Cost reduction
Stop over spending on gas and electricity. Sera identifies the precise set-points that align with your cultivation strategy while minimizing energy usage, resulting in significant cost reductions.
Improved efficiency
Although maximum yield sounds good on paper, it can sometimes be a red herring. What you really want is maximum yield efficiency. Sera helps you make sure you're producing the right amount for your marginal cost of production.
Reduced complexity
Let’s face it, these climate control systems can be a bear. Sera helps you simplify the process of managing your set points via continuous monitoring and specific configuration proposals.

How we can help

Set-point analysis
Our proprietary algorithms continuously analyze your set-point configurations to make sure they’re perfectly tuned for your strategy.
Real-time adjustments
We know the weather is constantly changing. That’s why we make sure your systems change with it.
Data-driven climate control
Managing climate can feel like balancing a plate in the air. But with Sera it doesn’t have to. With our structured, data-driven approach to climate control, you get all the advantages of formalized decision making without giving up control.
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