Your farm is a factory, start treating it like one

Like all factories, production is king. Sera helps you ensure that your production stays consistent, reliable, and efficient. Because “just-in-time” isn’t just for cars.

Benefits for lettuce and herbs

Visualize production
Do you know where your crops are and what they’re doing? If not, Sera can help. We map your greenhouse into clear visual displays, so you can orient yourself and organize your staff.
Optimize recipes
Minimize cycle length, and maximize fresh weight with our root cause analyses. We not only make sure you’re getting the most out of your recipes, we make sure that when you find a good one, you can scale it.
End-to-end tracing
The story of your crop doesn’t end when it leaves the greenhouse. That’s why Sera makes sure you can keep tabs on your crop over the entire production cycle from seeding to delivery.
What customers are saying
“The SERA platform has been helping me a lot in organizing my operations. By predicting plant ages more accurately, logistics have gotten a lot better and I can communicate harvest plans more accurately to the sales team.”
Crop Analytics Manager, Mastronardi
12%+ YoY
Improved yield
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