Make each truss count

Trellised crops can be temperamental. And keeping them in balance is a full time job. Let us help you make crop management effortless.

Benefits for trelliced crops

Better steering
Keeping tabs on your crop state can be tricky and nudging it in the right direction can be even harder. At Sera we take the guesswork out of crop management. Make sure you’re always on a good path at every stage of your crop’s lifecycle.
Truss-level analytics
Each truss is a new opportunity to improve production. Sera guides you with truss-by-truss evaluations and comparisons so you don’t have to wait months to start improving.
Continuous feedback
What should I do tomorrow? What should I do over the next 7 days? To answer these questions you need different information at different times. At Sera, we make sure you have everything you need to make great decisions.
What customers are saying
“Getting the insights from SERA was eye-opening. Complex patterns were explained in a simple way, and what used to take 10 clicks to visualise can now be done in 1. By implementing SERA’s recommendations, I’ve improved my yield by 12%+ YoY, and saved precious time to focus on growing the business.”
Head Grower, BioCulture
12%+ YoY
Improved yield