Formalise a Cultivation Strategy

GPS for cars, Cultivation plans for your greenhouse

With SERA’s Cultivation Plans, you'll know exactly the right crop architecture and temperature for your radiation budget. With our Production Plans you’ll see exactly how much your crop can produce over the cycle. Stop reacting and start proacting… that’s a word right?

Cultivation plans
Predictable production
Our production plans help you estimate yield with confidence. Because predictable production means less waste and more revenue.
Knowledge retention
Our cultivation plans keep your recipes safe, even when growers change. Preserve your expertise and never worry about losing valuable knowledge
More consistent cultivation
Our cultivation plans ensure uniform crop development from day one. Say goodbye to variability and embrace reliable cultivation every step of the way.

How we can help

Light-based planning
Greenhouses are like factories: the inputs are light and the outputs are crops. Sera helps you make a plan based on your specific radiation budget so you can grow as efficiently as possible.
Yield prediction
Predicting your yield is the first step to maximizing your sales. Sera helps you forecast your crop yield accurately, helping you plan your resources and contracts for optimum results.
Crop simulation
Cultivate with precision. Sera allows you to simulate your crop cycles in advance so that you can fine-tune your cultivation methods for optimal growth.
Tailored crop architectures
Your crops are unique. That’s why we help you tailor your crop architectures to your specific cultivar at each stage of its lifecycle.
Optimized crop recipes
We all know how hard it can be to pick the right climate and fertigation for your crop. At Sera, we make sure your strategies are a perfect fit for what (and when) you’re growing.
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