Connect all your data, not just some of it

Data silos aren’t just frustrating for your team, they make you less efficient. Sera integrates with your greenhouse systems as well as your organization’s spreadsheets (yes even that crazy one you’re afraid to touch) to ensure that your data is clean, accessible, and (most importantly) actionable.

How we can help

Robust integrations
We integrate with most of the big greenhouse suppliers so you can start using Sera today without any specialty set up. Using a system we don’t support? Let us know. We’re excellent at supporting custom integrations.
Excel parsers
Don’t you hate it when companies make you copy and paste your information into some app? We do too. That’s why we integrate with your organization’s spreadsheets directly. ….yes even the crazy ones.
Uniform data model
The biggest pain of working with data is merging, filtering and aggregating in the right way. Our universal ontology means that once your data is integrated, you’ll never have to worry about all that messy data wrangling ever again.
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What's next?
Centralise Expertise
Facing operational hurdles in their state-of-the-art lettuce greenhouse, AppHarvest turned to SERA for a comprehensive solution. Dive into the detailed case study.