Execute with Digital Support

Growing Operations made simple

We all need support sometimes. SERA helps you navigate your Growing operations with customized execution plans and remote advisory. Because two eyes are better than one.

Execution plans
Simplify execution
Our execution plans turn your plans into action. Turn targets into concrete task lists and labor schedules. Let us do the micro-managing for you.
Share knowledge
We hate siloed information. Sera run-books help you not only preserve key insights and expertise, it helps you scale them across your organization. 
Navigate ambiguity
Everyone needs a second opinion sometimes. That’s why our team of crop experts are here to advise you on everything from IPM to fertiation.

How we can help

Execution plans
Transform cultivation plans into actionable steps. Watch as targets effortlessly evolve into detailed task lists and labor schedules. Let us handle the nitty-gritty details, so you can focus on the bigger picture.
SERA concierge
Think of it as tech support for your greenhouse. Our team of crop experts is here to provide guidance and advice on everything from cultivation to labor management. Let us ensure that your greenhouse is operating at its best.
Hate training new employees? We do too. That’s why we provide you with a library of customisable run-books on everything from crop registrations to set-point configurations.
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